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(860) 649-8066
Cooling Stations to Open This Tuesday, June 18th :

Hot and humid weather will move into our area Tuesday, June 18th and is expected to go through the weekend.          
For Locations and times click here.

DRAFT MS4 Stormwater Report :

The DRAFT  MS4 General Permit 2023 Annual Report is available here.

Personal Property

• Those who must file a declaration are those with a business or home occupation, those with heavy equipment, unregistered motor vehicles, farm equipment, etc. 
• Manufacturing equipment exemption is available.  Call or stop in the Assessor's Office for details. 
• Declarations may be received at the Assessor's Office from September 15 through November 1.

If you are unsure about whether or not you should or shouldn't be filling a declaration please call our office (860) 649-8066 ext. 6102.

Also, if you need any help filling out your declaration please call to make an appointment with someone in our office.

Memo to Solar Renewable Energy Systems Owners 

Personal Property Declaration Forms:

2023 Bolton Declaration of Personal Property Long

2023 Declaration of Personal Property Short

2023 Farm Machinery Exemption Application

2023 Manufacturing Machinery Exemption Application

2023 M-44 Tax Exemption Application for Certain Energy Systems

2023 MV Form

2023 Unregistered Motor Vehicles

2023 M-65 Commercial Truck-Tractor-Trailer Exemption form

Public Act 21-180